Friday, 1 May 2009

sixthseal 'bought' me 9roti canai and 1limau ice!

The story begins from one of post! hehe it was his 7th blogniversary (wow so long...) Anyway, he said he will show his appreciation by buying the first 50people to comment(s) on that particular post lunch. How??? via online banking. The first 50people will receive RM10 each. When i read about this, there were like about 70 comments minus those people who comment twice and the author himself should be around hmmm 60s?

So obviously, even if i do comment at that point of time, i wont be the first 50s! 100% sure of it! But i still left a comment anyway, to express my "disappointment"!

As usual, i will still go online (sometimes i dont do anything online at all :S) when i came back from home even if im dead tired...for example noW! hahah i think my eyes 70% shut already...ooh yea so i went online and i checked my gmail. To my surprise i got an email from Huai Bin. Why would he email me??? *scratch head*

As i opened, he asked for my bank account number so he can transfer RM10 to me :S

Took sometime to react. hmm should i take the RM10? im not the first 50s ...dont think i deserve it?!and RM10? really??? hehe but wthell, lazy to think so much, punched in my account number, asked if he got the wrong person and click send.

he replied me "some people passed so I moved onto the list. I bank in dy, check your email! :)..." my first thought was :" omg, i was in the 70s...meaning 10-20 ppl passed! im so bloody kiasu!" sighzz :S

hehe anyway, i think RM10 should be sufficient to buy me 9roti canai and 1limau ice, so thank you huai bin! :D


Huai Bin said...

Awesome! Enjoy yiur roti canai. :)

Pork Chop said...

huai bin: lol wokay...