Monday, 27 April 2009

Hennessy Artistry 2009

Got my VIP passes to Hennessy artistry this year. I been hearing a lot and lots LOTs of good review about this event. The best thing is da free flow! :) I brought my brother along because he loves to drink. I was also invited for the press conference! *fuiiiyooooh, media media* I reached there around 815/820pm because i was caught up with training in office...thank god, i managed to get in without being stop. Why? because i didn't collect my passes earlier. Sue ho told me she can pass me the passes there, i couldnt find her at the entrance. i havent tell u the best part.... i didnt know ren collected mine for me earlier.== oh well, thank you ren nyway.

the red carpet

this is the main thing to heat up the party

yummy yummy
more yummy yummy

i prefer hennesy apple the cheese

in the press conference room

took a few picture before the press conference starts

one with jamie liew

one with ren
one with joanna
and one with joyce
dint introduce myself tho haha
hot announcer

the big shots
the artists doing their job
and the girls have fun

i heard they got pulled up the stage but i missed it. went to the washroom and got stucked the other end of the stage

more pic

i was standing right beside the stage, one of the dancer kicked my hand (now u know how close im standing)

saw joshua, the first thing he said to me was "hey you hunched" :( lol
yea i knew...trying to improve :)

picture with hitomi, pinkporkie, jess and joshua
a picture to end this post
Da bloggers :D

*oh oh90% of the pictures are stolen from other ppl. :P


Pao Pao said...

what camera did u use??
the pictures are clear..mine very blur

Ren said...

macam ni pun boleh

pao pao: i dun think she bring any camera with her that day...
or did u PPC? :P

Pork Chop said...

Pao Pao:

i only have few pictures from my cam 85% from others

ada bawakk la...hehe

Huai Bin said...

Oh you went! I wanted to go too but weekdays tak boleh la...especially since you guys only left at 2 AM. I die if like that, I'll be a zombie at work.

Pork Chop said...

Huai Bin: i left quite early hehe around 1130pm or midnight...went home to pack and went singapore the next day :) but i did work half day, i was like zombie too hahah thank god boss is not around!:P

right boss koala?! hehe

Andrew said...

90 percent.. LOL =D gosh.. Now im thinking about my hennessy post.. hahah =D I still remember the previous hennessy i took a few months to post it. .LOL

Pork Chop said...

andrew: hehe 90% bcoz my camera sucks! i just go my new camera :D hehe anyway u buy mah hehe...we all understand! :)