Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

My shoulder is still the same shite but ive decided to update about MPO tonight because i foresee many will cover about the Hennessy Artistry party tomorrow night onwards!!!

MPO happened last saturday, 18 April 2009. Ren was kind enough to invite me as his guest. i am delighted to be there because i enjoy orchestra and the ambience a lot. This is not my first time, in fact ive been to MPO quite a number of times.

Ren picked me up from my place around 6.30-45pm.. i cant remember exactly :P but we definately reached there early, around 7.10pm.

We were the first to collect the tickets.

After that we wander around KLCC, not knowing whats for dinner, not knowing where to go. :S I wasnt hungry so i dont mind postpone dinner. Anyway, if we were to eat dinner first, it will be quite rush. To reassure, i asked ren again if he's okay with postponing dinner, he replied yes.

this is ren im talking about

first to collect the tickets, first to enter the hall too :)

heres a picture of the fantastic ceiling mount lighting.
Love it~ wish i have this in my room so i can admire everytime i rest on my bed. hehe

the musician were busy tuning their instruments
*please note: they do not allow photography in the hall!
ren took these without being catch! haha

in between the break, i saw Zoe in the toilet...she was all 'red' because she missed 2/3 of the performance! Go read hers to find out why hahaooh wait, i havent tell u what happen during the performance. I heard and i saw things that i shouldnt!

Heard: ren's loud stomach growling! hehe pamsong heard it too
Saw: Chris Tock playing with his phone and sleeping during the perfomance:P if u were to ask him if its true?! he will reply and said he close his eyes to enjoy the music and he did not play with his phone! *check his plurk if u want to know if he's telling a lie. hehe

a groupie before leaving.
this group picture created so much hype in facebook because its scandalicious.
notice the hands placement? ( i want to tag everyone but give me some time ya :D)

everyday i log into my facebook. tons of comments for this particular picture
its 100 over comments now and still growing!

if u read the area i boxed! i was one of the victim...thanks to yee hou for having a good observation and imagination. ==

we went yamcha @ Old Town nearby klcc after MPO.

some random pictures
another randomthats about it :D


littlemrs said...

good thing that u haven't got those 'sucker' marks behind your back when u went for this :D else you wouldn't have lots of nice dresses to choose from.

Chris Thoo said...

porky went to listen music....^___^

Pork Chop said...

littlemrs: i dont have lots of nice dresses to choose from :P how? haha

Chris Thoo: the coolest pig ever! better than babe (the movie)...:P

littlemrs said...

then dress in your rags and be the cinderella you want :p