Saturday, 11 April 2009

Shopholic in Me

I havent been saving much or even any $$$ since i started working. So i set a real big/important mission. My mission is to cut shopping this month and the following month but...

The story begins with one fine day...i was waiting for my bf to come pick me up after work. He was late; so i decided to window shop boutiques just opposite the road. I shouldn't even attempt to window shop!!!
in less than 15mins, i purchased 4 pairs of shoe

that's not all, i bought a bag and some others nonsense. All in 30mins or less
when i shop alone, i tend to buy more stuff.

Since i came home with lots of new stuff and my room is over flooded. I need to dispose some old junks and make room for the newbies.

I started sorting through the bags today
these are the bags in my cupboards
*hmmm its more than what u see in the picture. Its all pile up!

i found some of the bags that i used to love.
ie: my playboy bag...i used it during college i think it looks like imitation :( but its not

I used this to college too...
"Chuck Taylor" from converse.
its torn :'(

my coca cola bag... but i remembered i matched this bag with a bright red tank top with jeans. i thought i looked cool; like a coca cola's promoter ==
BUT i was only 16 that time....
my 8years elder sis did the same thing tho :P
century old guess bag

Some other bags

brand new united colors of benetton
its a waist pouch...who uses one nowadays?_?
digging into mountain high bags....
i found a COCONUT bag

This is crazy...

next i found some of my DIY stuff
handphone pouch that i knitted long long time ago

and a tiny black tote bag i sewed.

after hours...
the amount of stuff i manage to throw

but my cupboard is still full of bags



Shilka said...

Wow! You have amazing bag collection @_@ I have just one bag xD I just love it so much I cannot cheat on it with another bag ;D

Rachel said...


littlemrs said...

i still think the coke bag is cool :p

Pork Chop said...

Shilka: you are so loyal to your bag! hahaha... i bet ur make up collection can compete with my bags! hehe

Rachel: THANK YOU! MUAKS LOL MIsss Youuuuu

Little MRs: haha im not using so its 100% urs now! :P previously was 50-50 becoz we r sharing :P hehe