Sunday, 5 April 2009

2009 Birthday! Oink ^^

28th March, its my birthday day! :D
Just like the previous post, i am going to recap my 08 birthday celebration.

Last year, i received a bouquet of roses...
24red roses and a teddy bear from dominic :)
i am touched 1X

and a RING; white gold + a stunning cubic zirconia!!!
the ring was from my brother i am touched 2X
sadly, i lost it the end of last year :'(
went for a lovely dinner at some teapot restaurant...
i am touched 3X
and my bf surprise me in the car with a heart shape b'day cake.
he ordered and collected himself...(big deal?! hell yeaa for him haha:P)
i am touched 4X

then we head down to the scarlet to meet up with my friends.
its kind of my first time officially going clubbing with friends. Im not saying that i havent been to any club before, but its always for some event.

These are my friends who came that night.
ivan, ferdi, ash, kalai, pink porkie, carrey, alice

Im so happy ivan came because getting ivan into a club is a great achievement!
ferdi is hard to get too!!! and of course my own bf who hates to club. hehe
i am touched 5X

another touched moment; zoe and jennifer who came make it on my bday bcoz they were away for work sent me kisses.
i am touched 6X
6X level of touch-ness!!! okay, that was then...
28th March 2009 was different. I was all NO NO Nooooo for any celebration from friends and ive tried to convince my friends its okay to leave me alone on my birthday this year (refer to previous post). Why the nono??? ermm there are some reasons behind but most of the reasons doesnt make sense hehe...

Sweet enough, jennifer still called me out i am touched 1X while i insisted it to be a gathering rather than a bday celebration. I sort of hold them back for the cake!

So, two days before my bday, 26th march we had a "gathering" at sushi zanmai, the gardens

kalai n me

the guys

the girls

i dont know what i was doing and i looked horrible.
kalai looking so serious
we waited quite a while becoz there wasnt any table for 9 of us
at the begining they wanted to seperate us into two tables.
Even tho the two tables are parked side by side but we are still seperated becoz of the "sushi runway" haha i dont know what it's called :P
of course we werent happy with our seatings. Me being crazy at times shouted "we just need to speak and laugh louder". I think they heard me and offer us another table which we eyering on earlier. hehe

some pictures of the yummy food

ugly pic of me day dreaming

random candid


hoho i think jennifer will hate me for posting this picture...but she looks damn funny when she enjoying her sushi.

her shok face :P


me n the dessert i love!

hungry porkie hehe

rachel n zoe hid lots of wasabi in Angga's sushi

angga sensed the evil spirit/aura around the table! hehe
but he did managed to eat every bit of the wasabi.
Then i was surprised with this giant present.
i can pratically hide behind it

unwrapping it

very pink pig. so adorable and so thoughtful
i am touched 2X
erm...i was extra happy when i found out it has a tail! =='''

more me n pink pig pictures
me n shawn

the pig is MINE!!!
me n angga

me n zoe

me n jennifer

me and rachel

me n ivan

me n ethan

last but not least, me n kalai

groupie to end the day.
it's rare to get shawn, angga and ethan in the group.
i am touched 3X

On the actual day. 28th March 2009, sat
i wanted to spend my day with my bf...nothing fancy just simple movie, shopping/pampering myself and dinner.

He was late and that drives me nut!
all the negative thoughts were going on in my head.
ie: no more movie ticket,
im going to miss my movie,
im going to die of hunger..etc etc etc usual me...

we managed to get confession of a shopaholic movie tickets @ berjaya times square*phewww...*
and i did not die of hunger.
we went papa john''s for lunch bcoz its near and we thought its gonna be fast. However, the service was damn slow and the food did not come in time. By the time we finished, i missed the front part of the movie...again arghhhhh..

was quite upset becoz i couldnt enjoy my simple plan (ie. movie), just too many hiccups
so i went for a manicure and pedicure to pamper and to cheer myself up.
and it works! :)

it took quite a while due to the complicated nail arts i requested :)
by the time i finished its already 7something pm
my bf waited me alone for almost 2hrs i am touched 4X
He made reservation for dinner,and it was nearby times square. He brought me to Elcerdo, the truly pig restaurant. they got a cute pig signage out the door and everything its pig in the restaurant.

As usual, he walked in the restaurant wayyy ahead me and searching a place himself; he's very much making himself at home=='''. i did not suspect becoz that's him. Until a waitress stopped us, automatically i wanted to said "mr. woo, table for two" but he said it first. To my surprise, he said table for 7, name: KALAI!!!

This is really crazy! crazy in a good way...
i am touched 5X for everyone of you who made effort in this.
Especially kalai

They got a PINK dress code for my bday. Thanks to kalai
i am touched 6X

Kalai printed a small invitation and placed it nicely at my seat
i am touched 7X

This is soooo cute and nice
like i said before, its all about pig.
Pigs picture on the menu itself
me n my bf

ceaser salad the only thing without pork

german sausages XD

more pork

crispy pork

see the bone? thats for ivan hehe

and my lil drink for the night
The restaurant also took initiative for earth hour campaign.

the first time me having candle-light dinner with so many lovely friends! haha
i am touched 8X

its hard to take picture in the dark tho...:(

the girls
me n kalai

alice, me, carrey and ivan


guess what? ivan is in pink too
i am touched 9X

entering the toilet will take some time...
its not becoz of camwhoring...

its becoz there are so many adorable pigs picture in the toilet. :P

and finally the cake thing.
its really special this time too. Ive got a very cute bday song this year!
*see video for cute bday song*

kalai tried to get a pink cake to fit the theme, i am touched 10X
restaurant decorated the cake with mini shots and a mini pig for me to bring home :)

me n him

unwrapping a pig wrapper

and look at all those piggy gifts they got me.

this is going to be my mascot

thanks for doing this for me!
i am touched 11X

a picture before my bday ended
ooh wait, i must show u this.
This is my favourite magic box from kalai

it says:" my little pink box of friendship"
she made this for me, its so creative and sweet.

its all our pictures together

and she got my suicide picture in the box too hahaha
kalai: i really like this magic box, i am admiring it every time im free until my bro asked me what is that im seeing hehe. Thank You so much.
i am touched 12X

some other halal bday gifts
ive got a set of tinkerbell from my bf (crap forgotten to take picture)

a diabolo/chinese yoyo from my bro. (this is my choice!) haha

ooh ohh my colleagues buy me lunch. i am touched 13X
Thank you everyone who either wished, came or paid for my lunch

so there was a pre, actual day and belated bday celebration hehe
So to conclude: 13X Level of touch-ness! WOoohooo more than double

Again, i want to thank everyone for everything especially kalai who arranged for my surprise bday party so long ahead, the effort to do invitation card and the magic box when i know u are dead busy with work, for trying to find a pig bday song, for suggesting to make video for those who can't make it to the party, and etc etc etc... you are the best-iest friend ive ever met&had! Thank You kalai, muaks xoxoxo

On top of that, i missed someone touched me literally and not literally for23years now; my sister who is a lil miss mrs now. Sorrrieeee.... its just that everytime i see u its my bday! HAHa Love u... muaks


littlemrs said...

how about pre-pre-bday cum wedding cum graduation pressie leh? :(

Pork Chop said...

da bangle? *its GOLD* shhhh...dont tell everyone lehh

littlemrs said...

i wouldn't tell ppl about the 2hrs coffee scrub, massage and the wrap which supposed makes your skin glowed which u had, promise ;)

lilShorty said...

i am sooooooo touched!!!muaks xoxo

Huai Bin said...

OMG! I thought your birthday was 5th, same as mine. 28th, that makes you an Aries too. :)

Happy belated birthday!

Pork Chop said...

littlemrs: dont know which is bday present hehe...but thank u mucks, love u

lilshorty: im glad we are both touched!!! hahaha hugzzz

Huai Bin: hehe i posted this a week after my bday, some other blogger thought mine was on the same day as urs too when i posted in innit! :) ooh Happy belated birthday to u too

cheers Aries

blueyfetes said...

No la... I won't hate you... let ppl see the level of the enjoyment I had eating that piece of sushi. ha~ :D