Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ashley Scandal

Before showing Ashley scandal
Pink Porkie wishes Ashley many happy returns

okay now "happy birthday" in different languages...
i know its kinda boring...nothing new and blah blah blah
but i picked up a few that might be useful for ur future guai loh hubby :D

if he happen to be a French guy, Wahhh Paris shopping chun chun, got LV, prada, gucci, all yummy yummy brands.

"Joyeux Anniversaire!" is what u said to him on his bday and u should find out what's i love u in french urself hehe but i think a french kiss will do :P

if he happen to be a German, german sausages...again yummy

You should say "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!"

if he happen to be an American, need me to say more?

Happy Birthday again Ashley and thanks for being such a great friend. I'm sorry i cant make it this time...but i hope u have a blast this year :)

Other wishes

Lilshorty: Happy birthday Pei Ling! Hope all ur dream come true including ur guai lo! so sorry i can't make it 2day. (Enjoy urself 2 d max ya!)

Chi Ling: Jingle bell jingle bell~ jingle..ei? Sorry Sorry. Happy birthday to you~ happy birthday to you~ happy birthday to dearest ashley~ wish u day day habby lo~

Ivan da Jing: Tanjobu Omedetou. Lishyoni Ki Ree Dana
(PPC: Ashley, i think he is cursing u in japanese :P)

Before signing off, few pictures to recap on Ashley bday celebration last year including the "scandal" picture

This is Ashley
u need her contact? hehe

cam whoring after dinner. remember?

acting crazy over the absolute bargain sign

and this.. OMG

u touched my arse on ur bday!

*PS: This is no April Fool joke!!!


ashley said...

i wonder y u sms me in de mid nite n jz to ask me check out on ur blog.
now i noe y!!

it is so so so TOUCHING sweetie~

thx 4 all de wishes from u all...Do appreciate it!!

catch up some other time ya.

xoxo <3

Chris Thoo said...

ppc....i didn't know u're this outrageous....cough

Can fight with gutterpost d..

Pork Chop said...

ChrisT: hehe there are lots of things that u dont know about me :P muahahha