Monday, 30 March 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl @Mist Club

It was MDG first catwalk show, maybe that explained very much why the weird walk; every move is exaggerating... *this is only from porkie view-an average person point of view*Mist Club is the last time i watched MDG. The best part of the show is still the audition in kl, when a girl trying to steal my porkchop title went into the audition room :P

I did not stay till the end. Hmm kinda boring except the free drinks! :D

Some pictures to share...sorry quality not good and its only the first part bcoz camera is dead :S

The stage
Elaine Daly

MDGs in wacoal!

So Thin and fragile




another groupie

me n my bro

me n carlsberg... yummy haha

me n zoe
zoe, ren, porkie
I think this belly dancer is cool

There was another belly dancer in blue wanting to steal my title! HAHA

PS: will updated my bday much later becoz i need to get my cute bday song from just ermm stay tuned?? hehe :)

3 comments: said...

this event is really nice, but low lighting, hard to snap a good photo :(

lilShorty said...

ei wait i give u ur porky bday song n the photos...dun make me sound so irresponsible la :(

anyway...can't wait for sat!!!!!!!!!

Pork Chop said...

iCalvyn: yeap, very hard especially for photography idiot like me lol hehe

lilshorty: hehe sorry to push the blame on u...oink oink