Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I am Burned!!!

I've got a very very bad sunburn last saturday...

BBQ porkie's legs
all red and painful

funny part is, only the right above the knees.
its painful to even bend the knees for first two days...

What causes this??? It's fun that got me into this!!!

We (mainly my colleagues and bosses) went Kuala Kubu Bahru for white water rafting. Ive been wanting to this for a long time, finally....i did it!

Rafting is about four hours long. That is why im so burned. Sunblock? i used up the whole bottle, but....

Anways, not gonna say more... *see pictures*

Porkie, my brother and my sister
(we are sort of colleagues too!!!)

Zufar and the Porkie sisters
Tak halal!!! is that why u got the funny facial expression?
Lee fen and pink porkie

the group picture minus a lot of the attendees hahaha

from the left: zufar, boss koala, rahul, yoke kim and bf and porkie bro=spidy
porkie, porkie sis, boss koala, komal

a short briefing were given...basically how to save your life.

Im in the yellow boat

and the reason why i am wearing my goggles is because i did eyelashes extension one week before. vain? i know! haha

here is a snap shot of my rafting experience

getting closer...

and the fall

the captain's assisstant is looking straight into the camera while we holding tight in the boat ==

really fun.
we stop at the side to wait for others

here come the other boat
two unfortunates fell off the boat

and we yellow boat do a 'good' job in rescuing hehe

A picture taken when we r having a break before we continue rafting

Time to sleep...nitez


maro^gal said...

wow... this looks dangerous but fun... hahhaa
nice trip...

Lisa717 said...

Nice meeting u here~~
kesian on ur legs la..
nex time do wear long pant o^^

Pork Chop said...

maro gal: hehe it can be dangerous becoz of the sharp rocks around hehe but its really fun.

Lisa: hey, its awful to have just one spot burned :S ill be smarter next time :)

Shilka said...

OMG that whole rafting business looks damn scary O_O you are so brave!