Friday, 13 March 2009

My Graduation...XD

I had my graduation ceremony last Sunday, 8th March 2009.

Managed to complete BA (Hons) Mass Communication; not first class but second upper. Oh well, i guess it doesn't matter at all now. All i need is lots and lots of working experiences.

On the actual day, me, my parents and my personal photographer cum driver left home at 8am, reach KL Convention Centre around 815/20am , went straight to the registration counter to register myself....

the registration counters were divided into different courses
While im away settling the registration, getting my robe n stuff...
my parents waited quite awhile at the hallway :S

Mom carrying my she understand why i said its heavy to carry! haha
my personal photographer cum driver of the day
*hehe my bro is gonna kill me!
In the hall

queuing to go on stage
"Professor Dumbledore"
"Professor Minerva McGonagall"
My programme supervisor, Iqbal.
he got brilliant 14assignments, 1thesis and 1exam all in 3months!
i am sure, we will never forget the that!

Some pictures on stage with family after the ceremony

I felt so fat in the oversize robe
big potato with a small tiny head!

We continued snapping lots of picture outside the hall after the ceremony.

i've got three big bouquets of flowers hehe
special thanks to: Mr. Woo, Boss Koala, Althea, See Yin, See Chin and See Min
(for the flowers)

family pictures.
*i wonder if its a trend to find tall hubby in my family!!!

another family pic
family+ Mr. Woo
PinkPorkie + Mr. Woo hehe

Not only the robe is oversize, my mortarboard is oversized too...
Here's a pic of my irritated face! haha mortarboard kept falling off my head
As usual, Zoe fixing it for me :)
Thank you very muchie!

Another picture with Iqbal.
Iqbal, you need to go eyebrow threading!

Taking the opporturnity to sign up the uni alumni for FREE
And we always have crazy idea!
Me n bro

Pink Porkie's Friends

Pink Porkie's course mate.
YEappp, only 7! actually, it suppose to be 8, one didn't turn up. What a shame!
Mr. Woooiieee

Greedy Chua
gal friends...we spend a lot of time together during college n uni!

Pink Porkie got pushed to the floor...reason? im the shortest :S

friends again

i love this shot a lot :)
Thanks bro

Anne n me

Ivan the one 1st class student in the whole Mass Communication course! they are part of the ji muis


More pictures of my flowers

Back home after the tiring ceremony
hmmm... i think ive got a heart shape face :S

Anyway, we were suppose to continue our celebration at night. We've planned to go Euphoria, MOS.

In facebook, 19 confirmed guests including me but...

only 8came. Out of the 8, one is zoe's bf another one is my friend ren!
sigh... all ffk

zoe's bf, zoe, jennifer
me, rachel, ren, jennifer and shawn
Random shots...

jenn and shawn
(maybe they should consider each other :P)
ren n me
Rachel looked drunk in this picture

Last picture...
If you are under 18... please leave!
Just joking...heheh already blured the part i should!

Super Voluptuous Rachel!

Total damage for graduation is RM1116.71!#$$%@#$$@% :S

Here's the breakdown
LJMU graduation ceremony RM492.71
Stage pictures RM304.00
Robe rental RM 80.00
Studio pictures with family RM240.00

Go to Run... tata


Yi Ling said...


blueyfetes said...

WTH??!! Me and Shawn??? LOL. But anyway, that was an awesome night out wasn't it?? Oh yea, i have to get pics of convo from u. :P

Pork Chop said...

YL: Thanks :)

Bluey: haha why not u and shawn??? :P yea that night was still awesome even though so many of them ffk. nvm them, we can still enjoy without them muahaha... pics? remind me in msn ya.

鸿鹏 said...

wow! congrat to u!
haha xD

Rachel said...

Gosh! delete the photo!! i must drunk that day! MUST! said...

Happy Graduation and Congratz to you you, PPC. =)

blueyfetes said...

Uh.... I dont know why, why not. LOL. I bet if many of them turned up, we wouldn't be so high. LOL. Oh yea, Rachel, u were totally drunk and gone mad. Muahahahahaha~~~