Monday, 2 March 2009

Philea Home

Last Thursday I’ve visited Philea Home with colleagues for charity. It's a company thing. We shut down one day for charity. Big deal huh? There are hundreds of us...some went to raise fund for orphanages and the other half visit the orphanage.

We were divided into teams. We have different people from different department in the team which is one of the company tactic to build relationship internally: P haha

So yea, my team was suppose to visit Philea Home and give them a makeover. It’s not those head to toe kind of makeover; instead this makeover is for a better living environment!

Philea Home situated in Kapar, Klang. Since Klang is famous for its Bak Kut Teh, we named our team after it. I would say team Bak Kut Teh spirits is very strong. We got everything organized and tasks divided evenly in very short time.

Thursday morning, we gathered 7.30am in office. One and a half hours earlier than normal working days.

Some of the early birds including me:P
*im not in the picture tho!

A total of seven cars and 25 of us drove to Philea Home.

Before the makeover, we were given a short introduction and briefing about Philea Home by Yogeswari. Most of the children were in school.

What did we do there?

1. Storeroom

installing shelf and rearranging the things.

Storeroom after makeover

2. Library

From repairing torn books
(The ladies repairing the book)
To stamping the books
(This is my team leader CO, stamping the books :D)
To arranging the books back on the shelf with labels and categories
(There are tons of books and it took the most time to complete compared to the other tasks)

3. Toys (im helping out with the toys section)
We sort out their toys for age and gender.
These are only quater of their toys that we are sorting out.
They have a big box with lots of brand new barbie dolls.
These poor soft soft toys are torn...and we fixed it

Jenny fixed the broken neck and i stiched the arse! hahaSome other toys that i find it cool
hahaha spider man

Me and Spidy
Cool walking robot

4. Stationeries.
(it wasn't in our list for stationeries but "toys" group helped out with the stationeries too!)
This is also quater of what they have. The rest were packed in the storeroom.

I found tinkerbell coloring book :(

my fav disney character
5. Fixing the Computers.

Only two guys (Soon and Edmund) handle the computer

They did a great job with the computers 6. Fixing mosquito net

Jaime fixing the torn mosquito net

7. Fixing the beds.- we brought wooden board to give the children beds better back support. I dont have a picture in my camera tho.

All these require hell lots of energy and money! We chipped in money to get all the stuff required for the makeover.

Scroll down for more pictures

All tired after spring cleaning
Before some of the children leave for school
Big smile with kraft singles cheese

She is so cute

Team Bak Kut Teh XD

Its a great experience. What's better than having fun together for good cause?
Do drop by any orphanage to help out these kids. :)


Make Money Online said...

wow, i think what u did was great. i even click on your ads here to show my support. keep up the good work ^^

Anonymous said...

that's so sweet of you to do all those for the kids :D

Pork Chop said...

make money online: hahah thank you...

Shirleen: hehe yea we had fun and we are planning to go back to bring the kids out someday! :)