Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Day Before My Sister's Wedding!

The day before my sister's wedding we had a party at home. Lots of relatives and friends drop by. As usual, my mom did all the cooking.

Its suppose to be a party for my sister hehehe but its also my time to catch up with my friends. lol :P Three of my friends are my sister's bridesmaid. 2 of them (zoe and rach) drop by for party.

After dinner, i excused myself to midvalley (for more friends gathering session :P) hehe gathering was just part of it... its was a last min thingie....the main reason was to get a guests book for my sis wedding! right sis? :P

The last min gathering attendees...
Clockwise (from the bottom left): Pink Porkie, Rachel-voluptuous lady, Zoe- hot chick, Fenix da Cat, Kiwi da fruit, Angga???perhaps crazy???, and Ivan da Jing

So yea, good to catch up.
and everytime we meet up, we shall dig out some juicy information...
i.e. Angga was the target that night! Muahahaha

The pro interviewing with recorder

Angga was too stress with the questions that he wanted to swallow ivan's phone!
hehe one of his answer was "OMG...F***K!" hehe :P

A pic of me and angga
(my bf holding the camera hoho)

Me, Fenix and Zoe...

again (greedy fenix)

After the short gathering, we(zoe, rach n me) head back home (my place) to prepare stuff for tomorrow wedding (i.e stuff to torture the heng dais).

I made this board

and the girls helped me to clip on the pictures

The girls left at around 1230am...and they are bck in my house at 6am (explain why when i upload more of my sis wedding actual day picture)! muahahaha...

sneak preview

6.20am, zoe help me with my hair :D

6.25am: family picture before the groom arrive.

6.35am: Muahahaha the game begins

1250pm: wedding lunch at "Tea for Two"
Thanks for coming :D

7.00pm: Getting ready for dinner :S tiring...

*pictures from my camera sucks... waiting for the pro!


Shilka said...

Your sis is a lovely bride :D So cute!

Pork Chop said...

Hehe yea...Do we look alike? lol :P

blueyfetes said...

happy new honey moon jie jie~

Huai Bin said...

Nice one! :)
I experienced being a heng tai during my friend's wedding too.