Monday, 23 March 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Hmmm...i hope im not too late too thank Maxis Broadband for making me a musicon celebrity and i hope its not late to get my invites hehehe

Ohh well, how can a pork chop turn into a musicon celebrity? i have zero idea!!!

But with Maxis Broadband connecting me to the WWW... i finally found someone that i probably could dressed up like. So who am i gonna be???


Victoria Beckham

i happen to chopped off about 20cm of my hair two days bck.
i got a bob/pob haircut.
and the only celebrity who are famous for this haircut (or i can think off) is victoria beckham.

this is me...
errrr... ok maybe is not bob/pob enough in comparison
and my hair is freaking black

another picture of victoria beckham with her famous hairstyle

a blury picture of me lol

How i like to be treated if i am a celebrity?

I will love a personal shopper, make-up artist, hairstyle, manicurist, etc etc etc.... everything that makes a girl happy :) I want to be fetch in a nice car wherever i go, Dine in the finest restaurant, stop to take picture .... erm thats all i guess haha ciao

Give me my invites now :S pleaseeeeeeeeee.....


SeeChin said...

where's the tattoo?

Cindy said...

nice hair cut!

Cindy said...

anyway,i've clicked on your NN ad, pls click mine if u don't mind :-)

Rachel said...

muahaha, now my hair longer than yours!

Lisa717 said...

it's me again^^ are u there??
ur hair really look nice on u!
do take gd k there ya..

Pork Chop said...

SeeChin: on my back laa... :p hehe

Cindy: thanks, ive click on urs too :)

Rachel: hahaha give u chance only :P but i do miss my long hair from time to time. :S

Lisa: i am good, new hair cut, new look hopefully lead to good lifE! hehe c ya

Shilka said...

Hey girl! You look awesome! I think it was Katie Holmes who started the whole bob-cut craze =D

Pork Chop said...

Shilka: really? great...hahha im not that up to date with all the celebrity news! thanks for the information..:D