Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Nuffnang's Music Bash 2009

YES! I was there too!!!

I got my invites and it sounded quite exciting to me and my vvip+cute friend, kalai. This is kinda the first nuffnang party for me and im not going to lie about how i felt. Im not going to pretend that ive enjoyed myself very much; mainly bcoz i dont know 95%? of the ppl there? Okay i know this is wen i shd make friends not enermies! but i just dint felt comfortable approaching ppl that day...therefore i was quite anti social. Still, its a good experience in getting the FEeL of a blogger party!

I invited kalai because she kinda of like this stuff and she's my best-iest friend like i mentioned in the previous post. I went to her hse and she borrowed me her black dress :) and a bag to match. Ohh she got me a tattoo too! haha...

I drove my sister's SLK there :P
Upon arrival, me n kalai got really ermm culture shock for seeing these ppl in costume.

the holograms

Spotted a few ppl that i know
from left: kalai, pink porkie, joanna (nice meeting you :D), zoe and sue

pink porkie and ren

arghh... too many of ur faces in my blog :P hehe
they had ice-breaking session and sue counted me n my friend in for the game...that is when kalai got pushed up the stage! haha sorrieeeFirdauz shouted "she's cute" from the upper deck! hha
stolen picture from firdauz
(u want her contact? i can supply u:P *t&c applies)we met huai bin. he was nice, humble, down to earth and he asked to take a pic with us.. ermm maybe he just think kalai is cute haha
Pink Porkie, Huai Bin, Kalai

Pink Porkie, Steph, and kalai

steph bend down so much :Si thought he was hired!

jess and pink porkie. nice meeting u

and this is who i called "leng lui"
yatz, now i realise u made me "chuo dai beh" :P

jamie and me
yeaa.. u still remember me :D

stolen picture from jamie canggih camera
Pork Chop Vs Dreamgirl

Kate remembered me as well :D

me and suresh...nice meeting u :)

and the free hug guy dusty

That's all from me


Huai Bin said...

It was great to meet up with you, my fellow Arian. :)

What do you mean "was"? I am always nice. ;)

Pork Chop said...

Huai Bin: Greeting Arian...==

why "was" instead of "is"? it shows that i credit ppl carefully :P hahaha i will certified u always nice when we meet next time! but again, u dont need it from a small porkie (small potato) anyway! hehe

Nice meeting u Arian!
Long Live Arian! muahahahaha

Firdauz takes five said...

hello pork chop

u curi the picture!


it's okay, everyone can curi any image from my blog one, hihi

no la, i don't need ur friend's contact, you guys have a happy day ok


Serge Norguard said...

waa ada T&C summore!

Pork Chop said...

Firdauz: How can u said NO to girl in workshop's contact? That is soooo ouchhhhh....:P

Serge Norguard: haha yea must have T&C! ::P

BLue said...

Anti-social for what? Sorry if I make you anti me T_T

Jolyn Goh said...

I was there too but didnt see u..
Oh well, Nice to be in the same event.. heh =D

julian said...

Good thing I wasn't hired, otherwise I couldn't have won the prize! :p

HitoMi^^ said...

PPC, you are right^^ You need to put "was" because you only know him for few minutes?

LOL...i saw you. wonder who are you but nobody can tel me. Should have go to you La...*piak*

You are Cute too!!

actually i duno much of the people there too. Maybe just know their blogs or what but not personally know them. Just a few I know

Pork Chop said...

Blue: saw u on stage...hehe anti-social is part of my nonsensical instinct. :P

Jolyn Goh: i think i was standing very veryyy close distant to u hehehe...guess im just not noticeable. Nyway its okay. till we meet again ya

Julian: congrats.

Hitomi: sob sob no one can tell...ouch hahaha but its okay i think i can still consider quite new to nuffnang :D and thanks for the compliment. Now we know how each other looks like haha so See u around!