Thursday, 16 April 2009

Me Proud!

Im having a slight headache plus my neck and shoulder are aching like hell. I thought i wanted to get off my pc earlier tonight but before that...

I just drop by Zoe blog 1/2hr or an hour ago. The last time i visited her blog was during her nuffnang music bash post so i kinda missed out 3posting now. As i scroll down, i saw familiar pictures....The cupcakes i baked for her bday. Feeling all proud thanks to zoe :) im gonna share what ive bake so far...

marble cake...
i baked during mother's day for my mom.
woke up early in the morning, baked this when she was out :)
and she smelled the fragrance from the living room *proud*
the top cracked a little tho :(
for kalai's aka lil shorty surprise bday
i baked oreo cheese cake :)

but its too soft tho...
still my friends like it *proud*
kalai and ivan aka jing thought i bought it from JCO bcoz i kept in JCO box *proud*

Then i got inspired from ivan lan. Inspired not only to bake but to decorate what ive baked!
He baked this lovely cake for my bday. So sweet
Thanks ivan

My first time decorating cupcakes
my bf' sis thought i bought it! *proud*

zoom in piggies
its 3D and still standing the next day *proud*

for zoe, these were the cupcakes.
I tasted one of it and i thought it was i put a warning note there!
but she ate it and she said its nice!haha *proud*

but i think my best its still apple crumble.
probably something that im confident feeding ppl with *proud*

and my mini dollar pancakes

Anyway, thank to those who made me proud. I felt like baker now! hehe

okay...need to go, my head is killing me and before my neck + shoulders break apart.

overall *me Proud*


breadpitt said...

gosh...i think i saw u on nuffnang bash...because ya name its kinda cathcy,lol! nice home baking cake;-)

Rachel said...

pin~ i want one too when my bday! thank you very much XD

littlemrs said...

i'm proud of you my little sis said...

Woah, your friend wants to eat your leg ka?

chern said...

the cupcakes look amazing! you could change your name to pinkporkCHEF!

+ Suresh + said...

wah all the cakes n cupcakes looks as tho they've been bought from seasons or secret nevertheless..your oreo cheesecake has got my attention..
i wanna try..can ah??btw it's really sweet of you to bake for your friends birthday..cos its no how nice it looks but the thought that counts..wonderfull!!!

Missyve said...

I lovedddd it, how can you say it's rubbish?! Your standard so high wan... but thanks, lubbx choo.

Pork Chop said...

breadpitt: really? u saw me? hehe anyway my baking is nothing compare to urs!!!

Rachel: okok... can :D

littlemrs: of course u are :P hahaa muaks xoxo huh? eat my leg? ooh zoe dint eat the pig... hehe

Chern: thank you. I still prefer pinkporkchop hehehe

Suresh: can when i free to bake. hehe and Thanks

Missyve: hehe my expectation too high. :S hehe lubbx choo too :)

renaye said...

ur future husband must b very happy to have such skillful wife in baking!

ashley said...

where's my cake??
sob sob :(