Monday, 20 April 2009

Away "Holidaying"

There are few posts that i am anticipating to update i.e. MPO last saturday, Qi Gong Therapy (the main reason behind that stop me from updating my blog), Huai Bin buying me 9 roti canai + 1 limau ais and etc etc.

so far the qi gong master, K.K Ng did not cure my neck+shoulder problem yet.
the therapy was painful and its still painful now!

see my "sexy back"!!! Ouchh...(will write about this too, as soon as i can)

gonna sign off n rest now.
will update as soon as possible


littlemrs said...

beware.. later the marks becomes permanent..

~YM~ said...

ouch, that suckers.... -,-"

if you'd try sucking like that for some time, I bet u'll get a smaller version of it, aka love bite!!! :P

Michael Yip said...

wooooo... looks cool.
At least they only cover a few areas and not put it all over your back.

Huai Bin said...

Ouch, that looks painful! Hope you get better soon. I've seen this done with a suction cup and a cotton infused with spirits (lighted, then covered with the cup).

Pork Chop said...

little mrs: choyyy.... *touchwood*

YM: hahaha yea but not the "lovebites" r huge n ugly

Michael Yip: haha bad enough, cant wear a lot of clothes!

Huai Bin: Thanks. This is the modern 1...they dont light up the cups. :)