Monday, 4 May 2009

No More Qi Gong Therapy... NO wAAyyyy....

I am banning qi gong therapy for life!

So why did i even give it a try at the very beginning?
My neck+shoulder; basically my back is aching day and night. I felt like an 23year old trapped in 80years old body. Every time i move my shoulder i can hear a "cracking" sound... i think theres something wrong with my bones! Two days before i decided to go for the qigong therapy, i was having this arghhh constant ache. Believe me, waking up with a soring back is the last thing you want!

i was imagining qi gong therapy to be something cool and PAINLESS!
because there isnt any physical contact!
like this picture
(i picked this picture from the star)

So i went to this place recommended by my brother's colleague. i got his card with me but i dont think i should review it. After all, it might not works for me only...

There were so many people visiting the qigong master; 2rows of chairs, 3chairs each row. He was multi-tasking.

Pink Porkie looking worried...
yes i should be even on second thought

instead of the miracle no pyshical contact treatment, he put the suction cups on me

another pictures
and a closer zoom

the guy siting right infront of me
i think that is the reason why i nearly black out after less than 5mins,

they removed the suction cups instantly when i said i felt dizzy...
gave me lots of sweets and a lollipop hehe
they allowed me to rest for awhile before the second round.
my suction cups starting to fill with blood just like the guy sat infront of me.
Why am i bleeding?

there's this little hammer that is "made good" for massaging, except...i think you should take a closer look...
the needles are size of the small nails that i used in my KH classes!!!
imaging being hammered by this cute little hammer. Definately made you jump!
After all the suctions, he continued to poke me with a satay stick this time...
not really a satay stick but i called it the satay stick.
suppose to put pressure to the right points.

the marks lasted for a week plus :(
*ps: iso not for me!


Huai Bin said...

I've tried that before too. It kinda works for heat stroke but I'm not sure about back pain. :)

Glammorlicious ClumsyQueen said...

can u give me the contact number too??? hahaha...

Pork Chop said...

huai bin: hehe it is so not for me!

glammorlicious clumsyqueen: hey dear, u want the qigong master number? haha okay... ask me in msn

Shu Fen said...


Vicissitudes of Life

Shilka said...

OMG! SOOOO SCARY O_O You are so brave! This looks extremely painful!

Pork Chop said...

shu fen: its only painful wen they use needles.

shilka: haha i have no idea what i gotten myself into @ that point of time! i wont wanna do anything lidat ever again!

J'z said...

*looking at the blood and wondering how that helps*