Monday, 11 May 2009

LG Blog Launch Party

Ive been quite busy recently but i did sent in the slogan to get my lg blog launch passess. But...because i am so busy; i only managed to sent in my uncreative slogan 4/5days after the posting in nuffang...which is very late.

As expected, i did not get any invites for being uncreative and late! So why do u still see a flying pig there? hehe

got a ermm generous invitation from huai bin aka
i think the passes are cute! really cute hehe :)

unfortunately, he text me at 7ish pm on the event day to inform me that he cant make it due to work. Thought he was joking because he rented a costume for the party!

This is the first picture i took that night...with one of the LG hot angel.The entrance should also known as the gateway to heaven (for guys)
i love helium balloons :D

I went there with my brother because kind ren offered to bring him in :D haha Thanks ren
me n my brother

Angel thirsty for beer!?! :P haha
ooh yea haven't mentioned about my half wrong costume yet! hehe
color wise: yes i got it...wore a white tube dress but instead of having a pair of angel wings i got a pair of butterfly wings! teehee

okay now its gonna be all camwhore pictures...
zoe and pinkporkie

ev stabbing PinkPorkie :P
Shrek in Red with PinkPorkie
met nice n friendly hitomi again :)

Then howard... guai chai??? hehe doubting :P

Mon Wei and her sweet smile

Dusty and PinkPorkie
Tziaa (everyone's obsession) and PinkPorkie...

Cindy always in her hot dress... she got a devil's tail too.

Nicole kiss and me
check out Nicholas face!

me and leng lui yat
i look F.A.T!

weirdo! and ren

Kim Ong and me
she won the best angel costume...very nice angel wings hehe

Pam Song...hehe the way she bend to match my height is so cute!

i look like im glowing beside Suresh

Me and Robb

The best devil costume...she told me she spend RM200 all together including make up!

me and jolyn...always(twice) see her in her cool costume; but a bit too hot to wear there right? :P hehe

Standing in between all the chun hot lg angels make me very porkie!
hehe stop drooling guys

big groupie... :)

Thats about it. Thanks Huai Bin and ren again for the passes.


HitoMi^^ said...

wasai!! so fast!!

me still loading haven upload still *piang*

Jean said...

wow.. seems like it's a great night..
I never attend any NuffNang event..
I guess next time I should give it a try.^^

Yatz said...

apa lenglui lenglui? >_<

Kim Ong said...

Nice meeting you babe I've linked you! :)

CherliN :: Tzia said...

=)everyone's obsession, ugh, nah.
anyway, nice post. ;)

BernardC said...

Good la...our picture missing

Serge Norguard said...

wahlau my face... look damn horny sial

Huai Bin said...

Yeah I already got a costume before I realized I couldn't go due to work. I ended up wearing the costume to Genting so it kinda brought me luck. Heh!

No worries, glad you enjoyed yourself! :)

Pork Chop said...

Hitomi: not fast. fast is for those who wrote about it the day itself or the day after. Haha yesterday tons of ppl posted same thing!

Jean: You probably should try joining the crazy bunch! hehe :P See you next time :)

Yatz: no worries, you look god damn gorgeous like a beauty queen *duck and run fast fast :P* haha

Kim Ong: ooh thanks for the link, haha you really look very sweet in ur angel costume!

Tzia: yes u are! hehe your one nice, devil vs angel; slapping each other :P

Bernard: sorry, i think i look like a super fat pig in that picture. ill send to u and u will know what im saying.

Dusty: muahahaha now i can blackmail you with that picture :P ...i think u shd go as devil instead

Huai Bin: good for you, at least you did not waste ur costume and won back whole lot of $$$!:)

pamsong said...

Me wants PICHA! Both!

Serge Norguard said...

WTH... blackmail summore!

Fumoffu said...

I guess you must have been the only fairy angel that night :D

Pork Chop said...

pamsong: okay will send to u

Dusty: this is what u call an opportunist!

Fumoffu: yea...the only odd 1