Saturday, 6 June 2009

StandOut Party with Nuffnang and Tiger (preview)

Just came back from Standout Party with Nuffnang and Tiger. So what i went there as?

The Gung-Ho Queen :P
and YEsssss...I won the Standout Queen title XD
very tired and sleepy but my teddy, milo is giving this cold stare.
milo(teddy):"so what now? you gonna hug ur pink coach bag to sleep tonight???"

Will share more about the event soon.
nite all


Sue Me said...

Congrats PPC!!

Jackie Loi said...

i tod u r sun flower..XD

Ewin said...

congratz pink pork choppppp!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

congratulation! u looks so great on that night!! too bad no chance to take picture wiht you for some reason~~~~

YewJin said...

my friend and i were like wondering who is tht queen. is the queen hot? u was wearing the mask. haha

anyway congratz!!!

zool said...

congrats eventhough i think the dress is weird

Anonymous said...


Pork Chop said...

Sue: :'( u wasnt there! :'( anyway, thanks alot :D

Jackie Loi: nope, hahaha but no doubt, the thing really look like sun flower

Ewin: Thank u thank u :D

Elaine Tam: hmm what reason? hehehe i know i look big and scary in that costume but i dont bite :P

Yew Jin: Im not a person who sweat a lot, so i find it okay in indoor. Out there is just BLOOdyyy HOT! Thats why i dint want to stay out there for pictures long! hehe

Zool: weird=standout i guess! heheh thanks

Wayeyoung: Thank u thank u... were u there? :S

joshuaongys said...

many girls jeles of u dat night xD

Ren said...

agreed with joshua XD

alvin said...

congrats PPC!wanted to go greet you but u were very busy... nice costume and cool performance u did on stage! envy u!

Simon Seow said...

Congrats. So envy can win the Coach.

★ whoaamello ★ said...

Congratulations (: (:

Pork Chop said...

joshua: hehe i hope no bitch fight for that! :P

Ren: hahah maybe...just like the movie in anything for a pair of gucci shoe! hehe

Alvin: hey thanks, i thought my perfomance is rather boring, just an opportunity to take picture...the background music doesnt match at all! LOL and u wont a new TOY!!! congrats

Seow Ren: nothing to envy about because u dont need a coach bag :P

whoaamello: thanks a lot :D