Tuesday, 24 February 2009

March is going to be...

Here are some events for my March.

It's gonna be exciting but...
*note the birthday blues and the hint :S

This is my March, what's urs? ;)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lipton Milk Tea: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Recently ive received a box of Lipton Milk Tea (from Lipton)

Good thing is, its 3 in 1. This give me confident to make a good cup of Lipton milk tea even with my eyes half-closed...you know, when just just get out of bed...feeling all restless.

So, from personal experience there are two things a cup of Lipton milk tea can do
1. Slap you awake and pull you out from lalaland :P

2. Put a smile on your face and brighten your day :D

Oh yeaa, besides a box of lipton milk tea. Ive also received a very very cute thumbdrive from lipton. This thumbdrive contained "P&C"information...it will self-destruct after 5mins =='''
The "P&C" information that ive mentioned earlier was a guide to the Lipton Happy Happy Joy Joy Roadshow! muahaha all the first hand information is in my hand...YES! i can hunt down all the roadshows with this information and hopefully with a iPods, some movie tickets and dining vouchers worth RM100. :P *Evil, greedy lil porkie*

Im not so evil...here are the locations for Lipton Happy Happy Joy Joy Roadshow.
Saturday, 28 Feb 09 Ampang Point, KL
Sunday, 1 Mar 09 Bangsar Village II
Saturday, 7 Mar 09 Alam Sentral Shah Alam
Sunday, 8 Mar 09 SACC Mall, Shah Alam
Saturday, 14 Mar 09 Queensbay Mall, Penang
Sunday, 15 Mar 09 Tesco, Penang
Saturday, 21 Mar 09 AEON Tebrau City, JB
Sunday, 22 Mar 09 Plaza Pelangi, JB

The yellow Lipton Mobile will be there from 11am until 4pm.

The yellow Lipton Mobile should look like this!
me spotted in front of Sunway Pyramid on the 14th Feb 09

Go getcha Cup of Lipton Milk Tea ^^

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

MSN display pic

This is what crazy friends do on msn (gaga basically just zoe chan and me).

it first started off with this...
the shocking look
haha its just fun to look at similar/same expression picture in the same window (for zoe and me at least~ :P)

Then the similar/same expression msn display pic continue today...

the bridesmaids

when life is full of "???"
These pictures are still okie/cute :P...
There were two crazy pictures ...we change our display pic for few short sec just to screencap lol....

This is one of the two crazy pictures
*urrhhh looked like lesbian :S*

Zoe: can't find the other one, i remembered we got another one with ugly sleeping posture lol :P

Sunday, 15 February 2009

It's a SMILE :D

My Valentine's Day started off with Sunway Pyramid because my thoughtful bf (hehe) knew i wanted to skate for quite some time ago. But sadly, this is what happen!

The crowd is crazy! How to skate lidat la???

Lingering around the skating ring for a while, i spotted a guy hugging a big teddy bear skating towards a girl. When the guy finally reach the girl, they hug in the middle of the skating ring awwww...but the big fat teddy was in the middle of the couple so the hugging involve arms only! hahaha

Then there is this cool wedding going on so they closed off the skating ring around 5pm...

Wedding on Ice
Congratulation Harry and Elina (as if i know them! lol :P)

Before leaving, we walked around the mall, and i also spotted another lovely couple
Berry & Lemon

Walking in the wrong heels for about two hours plus, my pinky toe was hurting badly

So we ended up in Fisho for fish spa, RM38 for 30mins :D haha its my first expenrience with lots and lots of fishes CHEWING me alive...

the environment was pretty good mainly becoz there's no other ppl besides us and the two ppl servicing us.

muahahaha we owned this place! :P
me settling down...

here's a video of me giggling giggling becoz its ticklish...hehe

another picture of me
stop feeling the ticklish sensation after awhile

mine feet

and his feet
so many fishes CHEWING us alive! haha

they are good to be manicurist too.
can feel the fishes mouth chewing and sucking??!! :S

After fish spa, we head off for dinner at palate-palette; one of the places in my to go list!
Its kinda my choice because he gave me two keywords to choose from
1. seafood
2. crayon
I took crayon. I asked why and he explained that ppl can actually draw on the table with crayon. ive googled it but i can find info on this... hmm r u sure? :P

me while waiting for the food
have no idea what im doing!!!
i think i looked like i trying to twist and take out my head :S

ooh yea, since its valentine, there were lil hearts on the table

and this is what i did while waiting for food

and this.. Pink Porkie except its not pink hearts!

That's him

Before leaving the place i took another picture, this cute balloon just cant get off my sights
Haha i look so fair in this picture! probably just the flash :P

Ooppss nearly forgotten all about the valentine's gift.
Remember one of the post that i wrote about The four different ring to an happy ending?
HE got me RING but its .....


but i still love it. (if you notice, im already wearing it in the pictures! hehe)

That's about it. This is my valentine
Thank You xoxo

hope you have a good one too :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Nothing for Valentine!

Warning: This is gonna be an emo post!

Toblerone contest's result is out but my bf did not manage to get any prize from toblerone.... not even consolation prize! sighzzz... no toblerone for me... nothing for valentine!

Its 1214pm and im still sitting in front of the screen typing. Sounds like a big losser to me!?! ohh well, i have no idea how my valentine gonna end...with a smile on the face?or with tears???...It didn't quite workout last night...that's why im doubting!

Arghh...die cupid DIEEEe
I think i should go Scarle's Anti Valentine's Day and have fun instead.
Happy Valetine's Day to All

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I Need Help This Valentine!

I need your help for this valentine. You see, my boyfriend joined a contest on Toblerone's site.

Okay straight to the point. I need your vote to actually get my valentine's gift! :D

So please log on to Toblerone's Gallery
and spot for Piggy Woo...
every vote counts.

If he ever wins this contest, these are the exact gifts that im getting for my valentine worth RM1800

Yes Im desperate, So What???

Pleaseee vote for "Piggy Woo"=Give me a valentine's present!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I Am A Celebrity Blogger... NOT!!!

Yesterday, when i stepped into my office, my colleague told me there's a gift waiting for me to collect. A smile automatically plastered on my face. :)

Instantly, i went two floors up to the reception area. The receptionist was there and she told me that my gift is in the REFRIGERATOR!!! WHAT THE HELL IS IT DOING IN THE FRIDGE???

Whatever. I just grab it from the fridge then.

Here's a picture of the gift i received
*minus the teddy ya. That is totally mine. I hug it when i'm working :P

Then i noticed there's a letter that came with it. I hurried opened the letter and guess who send that to me???
It's from WALL'S!!!

The Content: Eight yummylicious Cornetto Ice Cream in the box. hehe
Two pleasurable flavours including Cornetto Disc Chocolate and Cornetto Disc Vanilla! Do you want one? :P

I felt like a celebrity blogger already!
Enjoying my ice-cream, cam whoring like one of the celebrity blogger
Mmmm... Yummy

Good thing are meant to be shared...
I shared the ice-creams with my colleagues...
This is only one of the colleague who received

Celebrity Blogger???NOT!!!
I'm not a celebrity blogger. ==
Its just that Wall's Cornetto is very generous to give out 100,000 Cornetto cones this Valentine! :D

In additional, Wall's will be turning the sparks on this Valentine's Day by initiating a huge yet simple act of distributing hearty Cornetto cones at various locations in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.

For those who are interested in delivering some love...
head to the following locations between 2 and 5pm on Saturday, 14th Feb 2009.
Klang Valley: Berjaya Times Square and One Utama Shopping Centre
Penang: Gurney Plaza and Jusco Queensbay Mall
Johor Bahru: City Square Plaza and Plaza Angsana

Wall's Cornetto will be there for you :)

Also look up for Cornetto Disc Flip & Win contest!
its easy, just follow the steps behind the lid.

and you stand a chance to win all these attractive prizes.
I will like to have a Jukebox. Its Classic!

Cornetto always have create interesting contest with cool and great prizes.

I've join the Cornetto Lurve Kliks contest back in 2006. Below is just to show off the great prizes ive won and also how crazy i am over Cornetto :D

I won two different package.
Check out my cool prizes from Walls Cornetto
1st package: Live Up With Hannah T
Hair makeover at Saw Salon
Dinner with Hannah T in Tarbush, Starhill
Ridding in a limo with Hannah T
Partying with Hanna T in Maison

the winners with hannah T

2nd package: Wings of Lurve
Flying in the Sky!
IPOD shuffle

Look at that big stack of Cornetto's lids

This is no joke. Me and my friend bought all these and got our fridge flooded with Cornettos

I bought 100 over Cornettos to join the contest in 2006!
and for 2009 i will definately BUy BUY BUY, FLIp flip fip and WIN XD

Before i go...remember to stop by
Klang Valley: Berjaya Times Square and One Utama Shopping Centre
Penang: Gurney Plaza and Jusco Queensbay Mall
Johor Bahru: City Square Plaza and Plaza Angsana
between 2 and 5pm on Saturday, 14th Feb 2009.

The NOT celebrity blogger again =='''


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Simple CNY Visiting & Jennifer's Belated Bday!

This year cny is abit dull, in fact i think cny is lossing its meaning each year. Its not about family gatherings anymore. Its about "Ang Pao $$$" and Gambling. sighzz...

So Ash invited me to Ivan's house for cny visiting. Yes, Ivan's house, its not wrong... just weird :P

Besides cny visiting, its also Jennifer's belated bday celebration.
*sorry i forgotten to wish you happy bday on your bday. im hopeless with dates!"

This is Jennifer possing with her present
and this is a picture of the attendees
*sorry ash, i just notice we dont have a group picture. :S

While this is a picture of the attendees for jennifer bday08.
getting smaller and smaller...sob sob

hmm, she's trying to say im small :P

Now heres the bday tradition. The one i hated most!!!

Seriously, i just hate cream getting on my face. Arghh...i cried on my 12years old birthday because of this and i have also experience being chased by two crazy friends (Ferdinand and Ivan) with a bottle of fresh cream. But their mission failed! i ran away...far far away. From KLCC to Ampang Point :D Shit, why am i telling you this???
:'( Dont CREAM ME!!! :'(

Da cream on the nose *not fun*

To Jenn: even tho this is not a big bday celebration and a belated1 but i hope you like it.

Before i saying goodbye, i just want to informed all of you that...



ive got no luck for g*****ing