Thursday, 9 October 2008

Angry Morning...Lovely Lunch

Another morning with the teacher issue!

Why she kept bothering me... arghhh...

This time she used the doorbell...but too frequently. She did not stop pressing and shouting my FULL name my front porch. Fine...must remember, respect teacher respect teacher.

This time she came to instruct us on how she wants her order(she ordered yam cake from my mom) to be. Repeatedly tells me how to do it! Gosh...i do help my mom especially anything do with "KUIH". I am the professional "KUIH" cutter at home. I am not a kid... i told u once i know how to do it is enough! Okay thats fine too...must remember, respect teacher respect teacher.

When she's done with Kuih cutting instruction, she told me :" if your mom does it nicely this time, my friends will most probably order from your mom EverY WEEEEkkkk"... Again this statement alone she repeated at least 3 times. Thinking that she bring us business! Im boiling inside me!


My mom is working alone. She is a successful single housewife cum caterer. She doesn't need to advertise but people still came to look for her. Talking about long-term order? Little Penang has been ordering yam cake from my mom for few years until they are decided to switch caterer. Its not becoz my mom yam cake is no longer taste but it just they find it inconvenience for them to collect themselves (we do not provide any delivery...its self collect basis). Yes i might sound very arrogant but this is the fact and she doesn't need to work as hard as last time now. She should be retiring instead of "entertaining" bossy customer like her. I don't like seeing her putting instruction on her again and again as if she don't understand.

My anger stays in me until my special meeting for lunch. Not leng cai but better than leng cai because she's my best gossiping buddy. Well besides gossiping, thats a lot more than that as we both interested in all girlie stuff. Havent seen her for awhile now...of course there are lots of untold stories kept in me... i think i never talk that much in my life at ago! hehe again BUT her lunch hour is only one hour. ONE Hour is not enough for a whole night yard of stories. Im very happy meeting her.

Whats made my day better was.. i bought a "tween" bag that i had thrown away back in london becoz the straps are torn. :( its good that its still in stock. :D and most importantly its CHEAP!

torn bag

Pink Bag is Back! hehe

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SeeChin said...

leng cai or leng lui lah? :p
poor baby...