Thursday, 16 October 2008

Back to 1month plus...Year End Ball

Exam papers collected also signified the end of summer semester programme... 3months just flew past. During the 3months i went through ups n downs. It was quite a nice experience, staying with friends, doing own laundry (hate it, clothes always didnt dry properly ended up stinky cloths), cooking (most the time instant noodles and frozen food because of assignment deadlines and their frozen food is cheap and nice), walking to uni in jacket and my purple boots (can never do this in msia bcoz of the heat) and yada yada yada...

Uni arranged a year end ball for us in a hotel named.. hmm i cant recall the name....erm erm oo..Adelphi hotel. Its a sit down dinner cum disco party except the music wasnt good at all, so we went back hours before midnight. Heres are some pictures taken.. but abit blurrish tho. :(

Me n my crazy programme supervisor
120 credit hours for a 3months course, isn't that crazy?

Me and Mr. Upton, he was my thesis supervisor

Me and Rhia
Ps: she told me to "show tongue"
hmm forgotten who im laughing at
i think it was ivan..for attracting lots of bf hehe
Me and Eve
she purposely bend down for my height

random group picture

Media studies students
yeap...only 7 of us!

Good doggie hehe

MArcus.. the tallest guy

look, so tall that the bed in UK doesn't fits his height...
his head is touching the wall and his feet are 2inches hanging out at the end of the mattress

Disco time
oops got caught in action but some unknown feller
but he was jennifer's (first on the left) friend's friend. so we manage to get bck some pictures

Leaving adelphi hotel, we (me, jennifer and ivan) was crazy enough to walk back barefoot
hahaha it was fun...i miss that!
hmmm i guess thats all for tonight...time to sleep...Zzzzz


Zoe said...

u guys are laffing ivan for a must to attend a 'clubbing night' no matter how not willing he is~~~~

Johnny Ong said...

a great time to celebrate after all those hard works