Monday, 20 October 2008

Missing Mini Carnation Bouquet

I love handicraft; all sort of handicraft like paper crafts, clay work, beading and even knitting...

Yes...knitting minus the rocking chair

Its been quite awhile since the last is my first DIY bouquet

what ive got with me: a dozen of carnation, tape, stapler, scissors, some papers and paper ribbon

the carnation haven't fully bloom yet, so its very tiny.
A dozen is too little for a big bouquet, so i decided to make it cute and MINI!

Taaadaaa....and here is the result of my mini carnation bouquet :D


For who? hmmm i have no idea but its missing now!
sob sob, i wonder who took my artwork!


Zoe said...

make 1 for me too =D

SeeChin said...

u gave mum?