Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Re: Things i want to do...

Recalling what i've written on regards to what i want to do when i'm back in KL, Malaysia.

1. Eat mommy's cooking ( fact will continue eating the yummylicious food)
2. Spend time with family (Of course, not much tho..went to cameron highland with friends)
3. Kick my brother and his toys out of my room (YES...except his toys so his spirit is still floating in my room) ps: my room is awfully messy!GOsh.. HElppp me
4. Sanitize my room...especially the bed! (Clean bed sheet and pillowcase, personal pillow+ sheets)
5. Go dating (:D)
6. Go mamak (spend one pound on roti canai) hehe :P (Progressing because i haven't finish my one pound on roti canai)
7. Watch movies in cinema! here cinemas are just too expensive and too run down! (Nope, not yet :( )
8. Lie down on the red/brown couch and watch tons of DVDs (Just couples of movies)
9. Go zoom zoom in brother's new car! (Sit in it, but not yet zoom zoom)
10. Buy a fish :D (Don't think there's any space in the room for fish, sob sob...will find space soon)

Nyway, can't wait for a gathering with my crazy bunch of friends. :D
And i am now preparing for an interview on friday! wish me best of luck! hehe

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