Tuesday, 7 October 2008

What ive been doing?

Some people (mainly my assumption) might be wondering what I’ve been doing since I’m back in “tanah tumpahnya darahku“? [ß crazy friend said this ] Its nearly two weeks now. Why I haven’t blog anything about places I had travelled? Why is there a silence in pinkporkchop site? The answers are simple!

1. Lazy (sorry)- sleep, eat, dvds
2. Busy Job Hunting- anyone want to hire me? I’m interested in media planning :D
3. Haven’t gotten all the pictures with me yet
4. PPC’s face became pork chop”est” (what to do with blogging? Hehe no idea, just being spontaneous)

But seriously... look! :( any help?

haiyaya...anyone who like to view my UK and Europe pictures, please feel free to view my facebook (nick: Griza Lee), I've tag myself from my brother's albums.

Report again soon ; )

1 comment:

SeeChin said...

eh, what u eating ah?
looks like.. erm..
your face can't help already.. time to sign up for some facial treatment - intensive ones