Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dumbfound: bowlers in dress + chun chick in wheelchair

Have u ever seen a "bowler" in dress? well, i saw two in One Utama today! :P hehe

bowlers in short dresses

i wonder if i can put my whole url on the screen! lol
chun chick

porky face
hmmm is my head bigger than my body? holly crap... i am not proportionate!

sacrified my long "stunning" nails for bowling...haven't cut the middle finger's nail tho
but still pathetic marks.
i need to go for some underground training so that one day i can become a good bowler in DRESS muahaha...any coach willing to give free coaching? hehe

fixing my nails after that.. chip nails :(

Okay now you must be wondering about the title "chun chick in wheelchair"

well, what happened was, chun chick Down! hehe she was having a bad bad bad.. BAd X i dont know how many times stomach cramp.

we sat down in front of royal sporting house hopping that she will get better after taking some pills.. but it got worse worsT ever. she started feeling dizzy, nausea (holding a watson plastic bag preparing to puke), cold sweat all over, running nose, teary eyes and literary screaming in pain. so i went to royal sporting house and asked the assistant if there is any clinic in the shopping mall by chance. He said yes and told me the direction. so i was like "Oh YES... there's cure!" Happily walked back to where we are sitting i told her "zoe, theres a clinic nearby, lets go". You know what she reply? "I can't walk!" The shop assistant that i asked earlier came out the shop and told me "bawa dia la...dekat friend la.." i was like.. hmmmm okay, how can i carry her to the clinic? i am just a small porky :P

Sat down again, hopping miracle comes that she can run to the clinic by herself...she lie down on my lap and i can feel her trembling. At that moment, i know she's not going to get better any time soon. So i have to leave her there alone and i ran to the clinic which is not that dekat, got a wheelchair and pushed her to the clinic! She got an injection and took a rest in the clinic while i chit chatting with the doc. haha After 15mins, she was like fully recover that we can still go shopping! lol :p


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks~~~~~~~

butt still bit bit pain~~

Pork Chop said...

hahaha ure welcome... remember to take ur medication. :P

JoHNSoN said...

WooW...ur still a good blogger =.="

If next year my master thesis has smth to do with blogging, I shall include u my little pork chop as my first participants...muahahaha ^^