Thursday, 23 October 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

As stated in the title, this Halloween party is going to be Silent?!

yeah silent party might be weird but i think its a very clever theme that matches Halloween holiday: the creepy holiday.

Those who are invited (nuffnang members hopefully i get the invites as well, but im kinda late! :( ) are suppose to bring their own music device(s) like the new Nokia XpressMusic, plug those earphones into ur ears and dance to your own music! haha kind of like a big bunch of ppl "Syok Sendiri" together.

Anyway, why i think "Silent" is a clever theme/concept because i think silent alone is creepy!Why i said so?
1. There are horror movies use the word "silent" in the title :P for examples...

2. If you were deaf or become deaf one day *touch wood* how would u feel? i think its scary. Imagine a car coming from behind you and you can't hear it even if it honked a billion times, its dangerously scary!

3. When a couple is fighting (verbally), one of the party give the other silent treatment. This silence is the deadly scariest treatment ever! :P

4. Last year halloween, i was stalked by a silent ghost. It took my 'touch-n-go' card away, then my bag was torn and i trip a few times walking on flat floor. :P

okay, i think i wrote enough of silent "labish"! hehe

To end this, i am going to the silent Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic and the scariest celebrity costume ever scare away all those SILENT ghosts that are watching me!


SeeChin said...

u got a nokia xpress music phone?

Anonymous said...

haha..see pin~i think this is the longest blog u hav~~~
hav a nice day, miss u always~