Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mass Comm: 14 assignmesnts + thesis + exam BUT School of technology: project I lOVE U + exam!

No time no time... Okay, I understand that i just can't use this reason; its unacceptable!


(look at all those highlighted in RED...Those are all my assignments deadlines. There are more meetings and discussion that i havent include in the calendar!)

Cramming a supposingly 6 months course into 3months summer programme is BAD...everyweek there is at least one deadline but i will try my best to manage my time. As i mentioned in the title, i got to complete 14 assignments, a thesis and also one exam.

My everyday live is: go uni, go buy groceries, think of what to cook so i wont die of hunger, do readings, and do my assignments. While school of technology probably already travel a lot of places, i have been anywhere yet! I felt like im trap in a fake city surrounded by my uni buildings (like Jim Carrey in truman show).

I literally sleep with my books every night. ( i just read and sleep without offing light most the of time)

While im feeling so stress and intense, struggling to grasp an idea for my thesis, this feller was doing his project too... I called it project I LOVE U!

He went every floor, to ask people to corporate with him so he can confess his love to a girl!'s a picture of a heart
*hint hint* if someone special do this for me ill be very happy too!

Oh well, my point is, why is mass communication course that always being accused as honeymoon course but the schedule pack like hell, school of technology (the future engineers) are so relax and have time for project I LOVE U???

Please bear with me and please understand (especially after looking at my puppy face!;P) if you dont see me posting for some time. But this is most unlikely to happen, because i falling in love with blogging!

I feeling much better now. Thank you! Muaks...XOXO

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Additional to i wont die of hunger!

Due to popularity ...this is the latest picture! Haha

Smallest size in the house but i got the most food storage!

Friday, 20 June 2008

I wont die of hunger!

This post is specially created to let people who loves me and people i love know that i wont die of hunger in Liverpool. Of course, to make things more convincing, here are some pictures

1st picture caption: Shelf in my room, half of the space on the bottom layer i used to store junks! Okay eating junks is not good for health, but this for munching only!
2nd picture caption: The beginning stage of my storage, there's more stuff now.

3rd picture caption: Now this is the actual food! (Of course not everything is mine)
Back home, my dad always cut fresh fruits and arrange them nicely for us, emphasizing fruits is GOOD for health! so how can i neglect that, huh?

3rd picture caption: These are the fruits i crave for here...
I especially love cherry! :D so sweet and nice

Now you see? i wont die of hunger, so please don't worry! As long as i got sufficient £££, i can survive! :P

My mom is the number 1 chef and I miss mommy's cooking very much!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

My black hair is BACK!

I want to tell you how much i miss my black hair and why i am so happy to have my black hair back!

During CNY, me and my bro got a pack of Gatsby hair dye for RM 9.90! I haven't dye my hair before, so decided to give it a try. So i let my bro dye my hair or should I say I trusted my brother too much?! haha :P

Oh well, this is a picture of my 3D hair colour (according to my brother!-seriously, its horrible, the colour is very patchy)

I constantly complaint about my hair colour until my friend, Zoe offered to help me dye my hair back to black. Trusted my friend because her mom owns a hair saloon and she worked there park time before. Here is the packaging i got for £1.49- dermalogics 01 BLACK! (YES)

My hairstylist Zoe
(posing like a professional...haha)

in the process
waiting process
(helping Wilkinson to advertise!)

Tadaaaaaaa....Super black hair!
No more patchy colour muahahahaha

*Sorry Bro* hehe ;)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Is this the best time to study in Liverpool?

I don't think so! Okay, I'll tell you why...
First: its summer now...everyone is on holidays = no mood to study
Second: flying all the way to UK; having different cultures, different environment, everything different, i just feel like exploring every corners every spots i can! no mood to study
Third: Liverpool is having the European Capital of Culture 08! So many great events going on right now until the end of December (check out no mood to study

Now you understand why? haha :P Here are some pictures taken during the Lord Mayor's Parade (happen every year tho). The only one event i attended so far :) i bet there will be more Yaaaaaaaaaaahoooooo

Before the parade start, we already busy with our cameras! hehe
Thats the famous superlambbananas, located right opposite my hostel.

Starting of the parade...

Of course, you can't miss the marching
Haha, i particularly like this. He looks like the man in monopoly game!
Compare with this...
I think this is creepy...

AWwww...I love horses

especially the white one...pretty isn't it?

Of course, i dont like the huge and stinky


Men in skirts

Me and Carter

a group picture with the armies

She wore the "most" cloths throughout the parade!

and here's the friendly queen waving

Pretty "women" walking down the street... haha

Now superlambbananas comes in different colours.
great outfit and great dance

Elvis presley possing for us

This is a bunch of wild people sweeping off the shits..The END

Oh wait, I spotted a Kenari right after the parade!
*The End*

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Trip To Chester

Chester is one of the social trips organized by the uni. It wasn't so cold that day, the weather is just right (thank god...hallelujah)! What is good in Chester?

  1. The Scenery (historical buildings)
  2. Shopping (some of the brands including Zara, miss selfridge, Jane norman, mark & spencer, Disney...etc etc etc.)
  3. River Dee

Here are some of the pictures i took during the trip... hope you enjoy :D

First picture: Me :P

Some nice buildings pic

Another picture of ME

Roasted Pig... Poor piggy but it looks so crispy! haha

I call this the shopping street!

River Dee
(notice the color of the water? exactly the same as our Klang river. hehe)

And finally, of course the crazy housemates!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Rice @ Last!!!

White rice is so expensive here. Tesco is selling for £2 per kg, so every kg is about RM14!!! For that moment, all of us wanted to give up eating rice. But luckily we found a shop name “Hondo” ...selling 5kg for £4.5. The owner (i think from Hong Kong) is extremely nice to us, very friendly, recommended quite a lot of cheap stuff to us including “Lebara” communication network (the cheapest rate to call home; RM 0.35 per minutes!) At last, we get to eat rice for dinner :D

My chef tonight (leng lui leh?)....

A reflection of me waiting for food ...hehe...

And this is what we are dying for...RICE!!!

Chicken cooked with ginger...yummy!

eggs with tomatoes and button mushrooms...
(might look a lil unappealing but its tasty)

Before eating...

After eating...

Satisfying look with our big stomach! Haha :D
What a lovely dinner!