Monday, 27 April 2009

Hennessy Artistry 2009

Got my VIP passes to Hennessy artistry this year. I been hearing a lot and lots LOTs of good review about this event. The best thing is da free flow! :) I brought my brother along because he loves to drink. I was also invited for the press conference! *fuiiiyooooh, media media* I reached there around 815/820pm because i was caught up with training in office...thank god, i managed to get in without being stop. Why? because i didn't collect my passes earlier. Sue ho told me she can pass me the passes there, i couldnt find her at the entrance. i havent tell u the best part.... i didnt know ren collected mine for me earlier.== oh well, thank you ren nyway.

the red carpet

this is the main thing to heat up the party

yummy yummy
more yummy yummy

i prefer hennesy apple the cheese

in the press conference room

took a few picture before the press conference starts

one with jamie liew

one with ren
one with joanna
and one with joyce
dint introduce myself tho haha
hot announcer

the big shots
the artists doing their job
and the girls have fun

i heard they got pulled up the stage but i missed it. went to the washroom and got stucked the other end of the stage

more pic

i was standing right beside the stage, one of the dancer kicked my hand (now u know how close im standing)

saw joshua, the first thing he said to me was "hey you hunched" :( lol
yea i knew...trying to improve :)

picture with hitomi, pinkporkie, jess and joshua
a picture to end this post
Da bloggers :D

*oh oh90% of the pictures are stolen from other ppl. :P

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

My shoulder is still the same shite but ive decided to update about MPO tonight because i foresee many will cover about the Hennessy Artistry party tomorrow night onwards!!!

MPO happened last saturday, 18 April 2009. Ren was kind enough to invite me as his guest. i am delighted to be there because i enjoy orchestra and the ambience a lot. This is not my first time, in fact ive been to MPO quite a number of times.

Ren picked me up from my place around 6.30-45pm.. i cant remember exactly :P but we definately reached there early, around 7.10pm.

We were the first to collect the tickets.

After that we wander around KLCC, not knowing whats for dinner, not knowing where to go. :S I wasnt hungry so i dont mind postpone dinner. Anyway, if we were to eat dinner first, it will be quite rush. To reassure, i asked ren again if he's okay with postponing dinner, he replied yes.

this is ren im talking about

first to collect the tickets, first to enter the hall too :)

heres a picture of the fantastic ceiling mount lighting.
Love it~ wish i have this in my room so i can admire everytime i rest on my bed. hehe

the musician were busy tuning their instruments
*please note: they do not allow photography in the hall!
ren took these without being catch! haha

in between the break, i saw Zoe in the toilet...she was all 'red' because she missed 2/3 of the performance! Go read hers to find out why hahaooh wait, i havent tell u what happen during the performance. I heard and i saw things that i shouldnt!

Heard: ren's loud stomach growling! hehe pamsong heard it too
Saw: Chris Tock playing with his phone and sleeping during the perfomance:P if u were to ask him if its true?! he will reply and said he close his eyes to enjoy the music and he did not play with his phone! *check his plurk if u want to know if he's telling a lie. hehe

a groupie before leaving.
this group picture created so much hype in facebook because its scandalicious.
notice the hands placement? ( i want to tag everyone but give me some time ya :D)

everyday i log into my facebook. tons of comments for this particular picture
its 100 over comments now and still growing!

if u read the area i boxed! i was one of the victim...thanks to yee hou for having a good observation and imagination. ==

we went yamcha @ Old Town nearby klcc after MPO.

some random pictures
another randomthats about it :D

Monday, 20 April 2009

Away "Holidaying"

There are few posts that i am anticipating to update i.e. MPO last saturday, Qi Gong Therapy (the main reason behind that stop me from updating my blog), Huai Bin buying me 9 roti canai + 1 limau ais and etc etc.

so far the qi gong master, K.K Ng did not cure my neck+shoulder problem yet.
the therapy was painful and its still painful now!

see my "sexy back"!!! Ouchh...(will write about this too, as soon as i can)

gonna sign off n rest now.
will update as soon as possible

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Me Proud!

Im having a slight headache plus my neck and shoulder are aching like hell. I thought i wanted to get off my pc earlier tonight but before that...

I just drop by Zoe blog 1/2hr or an hour ago. The last time i visited her blog was during her nuffnang music bash post so i kinda missed out 3posting now. As i scroll down, i saw familiar pictures....The cupcakes i baked for her bday. Feeling all proud thanks to zoe :) im gonna share what ive bake so far...

marble cake...
i baked during mother's day for my mom.
woke up early in the morning, baked this when she was out :)
and she smelled the fragrance from the living room *proud*
the top cracked a little tho :(
for kalai's aka lil shorty surprise bday
i baked oreo cheese cake :)

but its too soft tho...
still my friends like it *proud*
kalai and ivan aka jing thought i bought it from JCO bcoz i kept in JCO box *proud*

Then i got inspired from ivan lan. Inspired not only to bake but to decorate what ive baked!
He baked this lovely cake for my bday. So sweet
Thanks ivan

My first time decorating cupcakes
my bf' sis thought i bought it! *proud*

zoom in piggies
its 3D and still standing the next day *proud*

for zoe, these were the cupcakes.
I tasted one of it and i thought it was i put a warning note there!
but she ate it and she said its nice!haha *proud*

but i think my best its still apple crumble.
probably something that im confident feeding ppl with *proud*

and my mini dollar pancakes

Anyway, thank to those who made me proud. I felt like baker now! hehe

okay...need to go, my head is killing me and before my neck + shoulders break apart.

overall *me Proud*

Monday, 13 April 2009

I rip my little black dress.... wat da #$!@!%*$^

Fast update!

As stated in the title. I rip my dress....

OMG?? HOw did that HAppen??? What was i doing with it???

Here's the simple story.
I need to go the bathroom, so i hurried and put on my little black dress, the skirt got caught/folded in; so i just gently pulled one of the edge. Okay, maybe i wasnt that gentle and i pulled in a very fast speed. ***crakkkkk****4cm of it rip open!sob sob...

Thank god i was at home. If not my porkie fat will expose in public... ooh wait a min, this is kinda public too :S
i bought it from kitschen, i thought kitschen is like the new nichi boutique. I love it because its cotton, its comfy to wear. That is also why i bought it. It cost me around rm80/90. Quite expensive for a casual dress.
I wore it maybe just 3times?! This is why im so ar*ghhh...
seriously, this incident is only 10% my fault but 80% for the bad quality cotton!!!

sob sob :'(

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Shopholic in Me

I havent been saving much or even any $$$ since i started working. So i set a real big/important mission. My mission is to cut shopping this month and the following month but...

The story begins with one fine day...i was waiting for my bf to come pick me up after work. He was late; so i decided to window shop boutiques just opposite the road. I shouldn't even attempt to window shop!!!
in less than 15mins, i purchased 4 pairs of shoe

that's not all, i bought a bag and some others nonsense. All in 30mins or less
when i shop alone, i tend to buy more stuff.

Since i came home with lots of new stuff and my room is over flooded. I need to dispose some old junks and make room for the newbies.

I started sorting through the bags today
these are the bags in my cupboards
*hmmm its more than what u see in the picture. Its all pile up!

i found some of the bags that i used to love.
ie: my playboy bag...i used it during college i think it looks like imitation :( but its not

I used this to college too...
"Chuck Taylor" from converse.
its torn :'(

my coca cola bag... but i remembered i matched this bag with a bright red tank top with jeans. i thought i looked cool; like a coca cola's promoter ==
BUT i was only 16 that time....
my 8years elder sis did the same thing tho :P
century old guess bag

Some other bags

brand new united colors of benetton
its a waist pouch...who uses one nowadays?_?
digging into mountain high bags....
i found a COCONUT bag

This is crazy...

next i found some of my DIY stuff
handphone pouch that i knitted long long time ago

and a tiny black tote bag i sewed.

after hours...
the amount of stuff i manage to throw

but my cupboard is still full of bags