Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bubba Gump Shrimp with Sixthseal

Last Sunday ive promised to meet up with Huai Bin in The Curve. I reached there at 2pm sharp. Texted him right after i parked my car...then went to check out some stuff in Ceneleisure...still no reply from him after 15mins. Instantly, i have this feeling that he is still sleeping at home. *Flip open my purple hp and press call*...the caller ringtone is soooooo him! Huai Bin: "Hello...toot toot toott...i overslept!"

Hehe okay nvm that. He came later and we went late lunch @ Bubba Gump Shrimp.

he posted a camera tag picture of me and this is him :S
The food we shared...i find the shrimp superrr salty but its good with rice :)
dessert...taste like chocolate brownies in a jar!
haha i dont like cream :S so i dig right below the cream to the bottom of the jar *RUDE* :P

Okay i think Huai Bin already shared with you the IQ game the staff gave us. Here's another question besides the 1+1+1+1

Try moving only 1 toothpick to make up 4triangles *show u the answer at the end of the post*

A picture together in bubba gump shrimp
Wanted to go for a movie after lunch but i need to meet up another friend of mine.
They were promoting Monsters Vs Aliens in Cineleisure

Bob is Soooo Cute!

really like this picture... hehe
That was the last picture before i drove off and leaving huai bin behind MUA Ha Ha ha :P Thanks for the lunch again :)

-Back to the question-
move only ONE toothpick to make up four it?

The answer ==''' teehee

Kuala Terengganu

I just came back from Kuala Terengganu. I went there for Jacob's Walk of Life 2009...

will tell you more about this event later!
ooh btw, come join Jacob's Walk on the 21st Jun @ Taman Metropolitan, Kepong
To be honest, there is nothing to do in Kuala Terengganu(KT) besides visiting the island like Redang, Perhentian, Lang Tengah and etc...What else in KT? Keropok lekor is famous besides eating sighzz...boring...and Guess what?! No Internet connection even in the HOTEL!!! My flight back was at night (VERY unfortunate, i tried calling to change my flight earlier but all fully booked)

Like i said, nothing else to do besides eating. I went to their famous central market, locally known as Pasar Payang. To me, its just another wet market-takkan nah beli sayur?!- what else do they have besides wet market? batik shops (not interested) and souvenir shops (u can find everything in KL central market except the foldable congkat my colleague i dont see a point buying)

Me and colleagues were tired of walking the whole day and there's nothing else for us to we head straight to airport. We were there for 3-4hours earlier?!

So what to do while waiting for our flight?

1. my colleague bought a pack of peanuts and start playing congkat with it! ==
cool right? hahaha funny
2. We thought of WORK/our client! haha we bought Tiger softcake and help kraft "promote". hehe
3. Polly didn't waste any of her time..she was doing sit up in the airport, burning carb away! haha

Grrrrr... i hate waiting!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

Today is my Sister birthday and i wont be in KL. I will be catching a flight to Kuala Terengganu in few hours time for work. I dont think it will make a huge different tho...Uncle Ken (my brother-in-law) should held the biggest BIGGESt...i mean REALLY BIG responsible for my sis's bday celebration! right Uncle Ken??? :P

Here's a picture of my sister with the clown ice-cream i got her....
*ps: please dont say we look alike :P its offensive!!! GRRrrrrr.... :P

As for present, me and my brother got her a guess bag. Surprise? Hmmmm...didnt have much time but i printed out "COME WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on A4 paper (kinda small) and stuck it right infront of her office cubicle... i hope ppl dont miss it hhaha

once again: HAPPY BDAY SIS! XD


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

MDG2 @ The Curve- Pictures Only!

More picture for MDG2 from my brother's camera...purely enjoy! :)

Monday, 25 May 2009

MDG2 @ The Curve

I know, the event is long offence but the event quite boring and i have little interest to blog about:S Suresh called me like two days before the event and invited me; i think i gave him the most unconvincing cum uninterested 'yes'. haha :P But i really thought it would be fun and exciting to watch because its FINAL!

Later at night, Suresh confirmed with me and told me the dresscode is 'Fashionable'! What the hack is fasionable clothing? i have zero clue what to wear because i dont have to look overdressed or underdressed. Since its at The Curve so i thought it should be okay to wear jeans, plus its on a Friday. Casual Friday! Suresh tried to talk me through to wear a dress instead but i dont have time to change and i dint bother :P So here are some pictures during the event...

Zoe, Wen, Me and Ev

Me and my bro

some pictures of the mdgs

i think this is horrifying...sorry

the emcees

group pic: i look BIG!

my bro managed to get me a bottle of turborg from VIP section
Was quite thristy and hungry because i havent eaten my dinner yet.
Dusty steal my drink while im away taking pictures :(

More mdgs pictures

KennySia was up the stage
and he did his sakit pinggang poss! hehe funny fellerannouncing the winner
look at that reaction

Juanita won the title!
Some pictures before leaving the Curve...
me and kennysia
last year mdg, Fiqa...damn tall and pretty

huai bin, suresh and simon

We went SS erm dont know what, near pyramid for burger. Andrew's fav burger. Ermm yeap, thats it :D