Monday, 31 August 2009

Pre-Merdeka, Merdeka Count Down and Merdeka

Malaysian generally celebrate EVERYTHING! okay, thats a strong statement to made but don't you think so? we had all sort of holidays and count down parties together regardless of our race/ethnic. i.e the act of exchanging gifts during christmas is practice by a lot of us who may not be a christian. We just join in the fun! :P You see where i am coming from?
Being a true Malaysian, i had my "pre-merdeka" celebration, merdeka count down and of course Merdeka haha

Friday night was Sin Chew 80th anniversary celebration at Tian Ho temple. They served Taiwan's delicacy and had a few Taiwan indigenous culture show which is quite interesting to watch especially when Bryan, my colleague got volunteered by me. haha he was put on stage to learn the indigenous dance. I totally waited for that eye contact with the dancer and pointed right at him.yea, so that how he got volunteered! After dinner, we met up with ren for a couple of drinks. It was more like a Friday night celebration rather than pre-merdeka :P

Tian Ho Temple
Saturday: I woke up and i cooked lunch for my dad (did i tell u my dad is following my blog? hi dad ;)) and my bro because my mom wasnt around. Unfortunately, it was a not so tasty meal! hehe
my very thick pan mee

As for dinner, i had 5 BBQ chicken wings and a lot more yummylicious food at the DGMB BBQ party. Thanks Aaron for inviting :) and nice meeting all of you even tho i didnt have a chance to talk to most of u. It was my pleasure to be there to eat all the chicken wings-wth?! :p

Stolen group picture from Nigel Sia

Sunday=Merdeka Count Down at Mist.
Something different for this year. Ive got invites from Nuffnang for the ultimate hip hop fest in Mist Club. Mist is very near to my place; so thats a bonus for me. I didn't enjoy the event tho. The music was quite bad (off pitch, flat name it), so we decided to move from Mist to Telawi Street Bistro.

In Mist club

Quite little floggers came for the event.
Suresh, Dusty, Samantha, Jeffro, Nigel/Fly Guy, Diese and etc were the few familiar faces to me

me and jeffro
stolen pictures from Isaac

In Telawi Street Bistro, Alex dared me to do drop a coaster with my number on it to anyone in the club because me n my big mouth said it was easy!

They got me a pen and i filled up Alex name instead of mine with a fake number on it!

With my small sepet (<--must act malaysian abit :P) eyes opened widely, i searched through the area for victim. Someone who will not bite pork (i mean me) and someone good sport. At last, i found one and ACTION... i camwhore with the"victim" too :P but i thought i look frugly in this picture, therefore i decided to blur my face :P haha kinda horrifying

again i looked frugly! :S
On Monday, Merdeka day i shopped till drop again hehe bought new clothes and i bought gloves because i thought it was cute :S

Anyway, i am determined to learn ice-skating with this pair of gloves so its not for nothing ice-skating? :)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Let's LAT!

Things to do this Merdeka (National Day)

1 PArty Party paarti
2 Take the opportunity to sleep zzzzz... :P
3 Visit the first Lat exhibition at Bangsar shopping centre. Tomorrow 31st Aug will be the last day for the exhibition.

Fast Facts: LAT cartoon is drawn by a well known local cartoonist, Datuk Mohammad Noor Khalid. What so special about Lat is that the drawing represents Malaysian; our culture and our lifestyle.

In the exhibition, there is about 60 sketches on display. I visited last week but i didnt see all 60 sketches yet because i wasn't feeling well-i needed sleep more than anything after ivan's bday party! haha

for those who love to read LAT, you can view some of them in NST's Gallery
Okay, i want to catch some sleep. Happy Merdeka.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Souled Out All Out

it was her birthday!
ooh i mean HIS

he was so excited that he kissed my clutch bag! wth
But i was excited about the food because it was a laaate dinner cum supper...around 10pm?

lamb shank (i took only the mash potatoes)

no pizza for me because its beef!
it wasnt religion thing for not eating beef, lamb and mutton but my own ridiculous reason!

not sure what salad exactly but it was nice

my personally fav: deep fried calamari

i ordered this drink called primm no.10 or something lidat, it came with a long cut cucumber sticking out the tall glass! it had a little fruity taste and the cooling cucumber its quite a combination to the drink!
ooh i ate the whole cucumber XD
Anway, a birthday celebration must have
1. great friends like us (note to ivan) especially friend like me (note to Whole Wide Word :P)
2. bday cake
3. bday song
4. candle that can't be blown out!
5. the wig (only applicable to ivan)
some random shots during the dinner

porkie and kalai
lengluis + porkie

and a groupie.
the girls get prettier everytime i meet them; ivan is ivan and As for ferdi, the only thing that he hasnt changed is his hawaiian shorts!

instant pictures for memory keeping :)
That was not the end of the bday celebration yet. We went to ash aunty's place in hartamas for second round. Some of us stayed over night and some did not.

chilling in the apartmentwe had games all night long
one of the games was shots and ladders. i find this board game quite cool :)

like i said before, we had games, drinks all night long and not forgetting "heart-2-heart" talk session that lasted till next morning. I went to bed at 8am; suppose to wake up by 10am but i forgotten to turn on my alarm :S

As a result, i was late for jackie's kfc feast!
but thanks again for the invitation :)

it was indeed a great weekend. Thanks all for organizing and making it happen :)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Clive Anniversary @ Zouk

The days (weekend) ive been waiting for is finally here! Muahahaha...*evil laugh* and CLIVE is a starter to a great weekend :) It was Clive first year anniversary yesterday. The event starts at 830pm or at least the passes said so. But 830pm, i was still at home typing and sending out emails for work...and it was for my bro. I am helping him while he away for a vacation in China. He better bring home a pig for me!

So yea, i left my place at 9pm ...was rushing so i did not bother to dress up. In fact, i wore the wrong shoes. It doesnt go with what im wearing but i thought i wouldnt meet anyone and the club is dark *trying to convince myself*

the emcee

and the emcees
One of the main attraction/event for the night was meeting these hot chics!
Clive Magazine Cover Models.
*picture stolen from tian chad* :P

Met a few bloggers (jess, tianchad and jason) there..

jess and porkie
the rest? waiting for pictures from them :P hehe
Lots of activities going on onstage and lots of prizes given out (ie. black eye peas concert tickets ~I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good nightthat tonight’s gonna be a good night~, sony ericsson handphones, and etc)

Here are few of the activites/games

1. The Doggie Way
Not as kinky as the title-the participants need to sniff and eat like a dog.
The fastest to find and eat up all chocolate coins in the pool of flour without using their hands walk home with ermm... what again? i think is handphone!
2. Sex education :P
6 lucky guys get to partner with 6 hot chics.
well, this time round, the guys dont need to do anything. Just stand there with 6bananas hang around their neck, stay cool and watch the girls do their trick!

The emcees hold up a hand full of condoms, i guess u know what are the bananas hanging around the guys neck are for by now!
The girls in action, putting on condoms
check out her sexy back!
she has so many tattoos...
not sure how many exactly but whats visible to me was 8tattoos...
some lucky feller walked home with another handphone
jason looked rather disappointed :P3. Masking Tape
After the bananas, they had another game called the masking tape game. I was hopping to see the guys get some legs waxing using masking tape :P haha but nope...that is not whats the game about! They stick 5 small pieces of masking tape at Strategic Location and the girls got to peel them out using their mouth only! Again Girlss.... what is this?? Girl power night?

-the game in action-

YEAP... thats me trying to peel off a masking tape from Josh Lim's right nipple! :S
Thank god, his shirt is on!

Unfortunately, i move too slow... :S couldn't get the one on the chin.

I felt like i am made to participate quite a lot recently.
Hmmm...Do i have that Good Sport look?!:P

Anyway, they have a lot of prizes given out through lucky draw. My bf was one of the lucky winner, he won himself a sony ericsson bluetooth speaker.

I shall go prepare for Ivan's bday party now.. ciao

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Heineken Green Room @ Zouk KL

Ive been caught up with work lately that ive missed out quite a bit of events & happenings last week including UP screening which im dying to watch, District 9 (probably not very my type of movie) Ogawa-i will love to sit on one of those comfy massage chair that i can't afford for hourssssss! Oooh but to be optimistic; i managed to go MTV World Stage XD hehe

Anyway, this particular post is again wayyyyy overdue (thats why im updating in the middle of the night)! Heineken Green Room was held at Zouk like ermmm almost 3weeks ago!?!

First off, i dont like their screwed up registration list. I think most of the people can't find their names in the list even if they have received sms invites. They have this booth/one laptop to re-register on the spot...guess they knew about their bad system!

Before entering the club, they have big size security holding tiny little thermometer to save guard the people/the club. The digital thermometer ain't exactly small. hehe just because he is big, it looked like he is holding his fist and I felt like he wanna punch me in my forehead! heeehee Oohh they checked my ID too *proud* lol :P There was once i walked into the casino without being stop...i felt..... insulted ... :S hahaha

In Heineken Green Room,
it was very green indeed! ==

Taken from where im standing
i like the overall set

That night, we have Filthy Dukes from UK, Teriyaki Boyz, Blink&Goldfish show.

it was really crowded, i didnt enjoy the music very much tho...

and from here onwards is all the 'Porkie and People; pictures

Audrey and Me

Audrey, Syin and ME
Me and very tall Carol hehe
with Racheal Tan
and same height?
Ren, Porkie and Yat
Quite a few bloggers were there but i didnt take picture hehe

That's about it...
Ooh one more thing, i knocked the wall/the wall knocked me that night; leaving a small scar on my shoulder...ouchh :'(